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Today, I learned of a new website via an email from The name of the website was is a website that  provides test web surfers to visit your website or a website of your choosing. These surfers can provide you with articulate commentary or feedback about the chosen site. They record video of their  screen along with audio and try to do what actions  you have proposed.

Today I noticed something interesting on the demo video that could have helped a major fortune 500 website. The demo video was describing a a website page for Yep, The video describes in detail issues with the Walmart website and how it is setup for some product searches. In the case of this it is a Cannon camera purchase. Check out video here.

The video as you now have seen is a great example of how you can use User testing to get quality feedback about users or potential users experiences on your website.

You would think a big multinational company such as Walmart would have seen this video and made upgrades based upon the issues it presents, right?

Now being the curious person that I am I immediately headed over to the Walmart website  to see if the difficulties with ordering a pocket size cannon camera had been fixed.  However, this has not happened as I am writing this post. Here is to hoping someone monitoring the millions of mentions catches wind and fixes it.


Looks Like a bit more usage of UserTesting could have helped


How much could the simple UX change make to the WalMart website is not known by me. However, I can assume this change could make a good portion of money.  We all know that user experience can play a huge part in ecommerce and this small example shows just that. I  will take notice  on making sure projects that I’m working on  are tested for end users to try to keep abandoned shopping carts, in completed lead generation forms and user confusion to a minimum.

How do you currently track how a users experience is with your projects? Let me know in the comments section.

*Note, in the process of being transparent,  I am not paid by UserTesting, nor are any of the links above affiliate links. I just really enjoyed the product saw it and blogged this. Hopefully you can use the tool to make extra money and get more information that can help your website grow.


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