Shazam: Showing How Partnerships Can Fuel Awareness

Like most of America, I watched the Super Bowl this past Sunday. The Patriots and Giants were two teams that I enjoy watching, plus Super Bowl ads are normally pretty fun. In between stuffing my face with chips, chicken wings and various other fattening snacks, my good friend asked me “What’s Shazam?”

Shazam Super Bowl Advertise
This Logo and other forms appeared across commercials

I was a little surpised that my friend didn’t know what Shazam was as I am sure I’ve shown him the app, multiple times. Regardless, I explained that Shazam was an app that that many people use to find out a song name or artist. He was impressed by the quick showing of the app again only to be back focused on the game.

Shazam then appeared to be in almost every Super Bowl Advertisement that I saw. The also were pushing free song downloads for using the service. All of these seemed to be a great job of pushing a newer product.  It used the Super Bowl and partnerships in ads to gain access to millions of customers that likely would have never heard of the project. Shazam, seems to think it was a success from this recent press release and plans to do more.

After doing a bit of research, I have learned that Shazam has really been pushing its growth through partnership deals. They have been using partnerships during Bravo TV Shows, and recently  Movie Studios  deals.  This seems like a great way for the the mobile application to be more involved into fabric of a new level of customers. Mobile apps and web companies could all learn a great lesson from how Shazam was able to integrate itself with major brands in a way that brought a new audience.

Have you noticed the Shazam logo in recent commercials? If so, what were your thoughts on it?