Keeping Score – All The Time

Are You Always Keeping Score?

Fenway Scoreboard

Everyday for at least the last years, I have been keeping score. Yep, I have been keeping score of myself. This is a running tally of pluses and minuses that runs throughout my brain at various points in the day.

In Daily Life & Relationships

  • +1 took out the garbage
  • -1 forgot to put underwear in hamper
  • +1 I sent out the thank you card within 2 days of gift

In Business –

  • +1 Got the expense report done
  • -1 Lost temper with an employee

This daily keeping of score has made me feel as though I didn’t accomplish much and was not succeeding if one day was lower scoring than the day before.

Not only was I keeping score of myself but, I was keeping a score of others. I was giving points for items that I thought they were doing in personal life or items in business.

Maybe one of the reasons, I loved Kobe Bryant, so much is that I always wanted to prove I was the best. Literally, went out trying to go 81 points

Social media and having successful friends, family and people that I know made it even harder to not feel as though failure was present. People like @mg , @zeke_thomas, @stealx, and my wife all have or were doing great things and I felt that I was behind.

“Instead of enjoying mine and others special moments, I was thinking about was this enough”

After some recent conversations with my wife, I realized that success in life comes from the moments that I was missing out on. Each day, I try to find happiness in items around me each day. My puppy, my wife, my friends and each of their successes mean that I am earning “points.”

For when the One Great Scorer comes to mark against your name,He writes — not that you won or lost — but how you played the Game

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